About The Space

In a semblance at being coherent and structured (thank you, Moon in Capricorn), I have organized the site under the following tags or corners:

#witchlike : Anything to do with witchcraft.

Seek: ritual, naturalism, skepticism, placebo, mindfulness, wheel of the year, spellwork, astrology, divination, sigils, kitchen witch, candle magic, green witch, hearth witch, elemental magic, tarot, Jungian archetypes, visualization, book of shadows/mirrors, lunar magic, recommendations and tips for new witches, amongst many other topics.

#psychlike : Anything to do with my work as a PMHNP.

Seek: writing about psychiatric-mental health in general or specifically about being an NP, psychotherapy modalities like narrative therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, acceptance and commitment therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, interpersonal psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy. Also any opinions I have about being nursing student, US healthcare, working in private practice, career advice, social determinants of health, advocacy, health policy, and my journey to licensure.

#artlike: Anything to do with artistic expression.

Seek: my novels and short stories, screenplays, poetry, typography, graphic design, journaling, handcrafts, film, drawings, photography, BJD collection, calligraphy and scripting, zines, as well as essays about the creative lifestyle and my lived experience so far as a multistoried artist.

#lifelike: The hidden fourth corner.

Seek: general updates about my life, my loved ones, my dog, or thoughts that don’t really fall into any of the abovementioned corners will go here. Projects I have in the works for any aspects of this site will also go here. If you don’t care to know much about my absolutely, stunningly, entertaining personal life then feel free to skip this one.

For topics that overlap (such as art featured in my Book of Reflections, or the psychology of witchcraft) I will tag them both so you might see some blending of content there. Apologies if this disturbs you but hey—that’s life.

Beautiful and messy.

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This is a safe space for marginalized communities. We center BIPOC, Queer, Trans and Nonbinary Spectrum, and neurodivergence here.

Site Disclaimer

No magical practice, placebo or otherwise, is meant to substitute for the guidance and dedicated care of a licensed healthcare professional.

Any healthcare content I share is my opinion only and unrelated to my employer or other affiliate institutions, and also not meant to be taken as diagnosis or official medical advice.

Please do not re-share or re-post my content without my credit.

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