Dear Artists and Meaning-Makers

I’ve been telling stories to get by ever since I was seven years old. Here you can find a collection of some of the art which I have made and which nobody in particular explicitly asked for (but was perhaps curious about). This corner is as multistoried as the Space itself–anticipate all forms of writing, attempts at drawing, design, photography and any new handcraft I fancy to pursue next. I hope the work brings you as much joy as it does me.

The Collection

New Adventures in Your Letterbox

Welcome to the Space

On the surface, this is a multi-topic online Space where I discuss my various spiritual, intellectual and creative pursuits. Underneath, it’s a journey. Common adventures feature naturalistic witchcraft, psychiatric-mental health, being a nurse practitioner, as well as writing and storytelling. Take a gander, take a stroll, lose your Self and find your Soul.

Journey with Me

Site Disclaimer

No magical practice, placebo or otherwise, is meant to substitute for the opinions and dedicated care of a licensed healthcare professional.

Any healthcare content I share is my opinion only and unrelated to my employer or other affiliate institutions, and also not meant to be taken as diagnosis or official medical advice.

Please do not re-share or re-post my content without my credit.

This is a safe space for marginalized communities. We center BIPOC, Queer, Trans and Nonbinary Spectrum, and neurodivergence here.