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This is my archive of all things witchcraft, including my Book of Reflections. Even though my practice is grounded in naturalism, this space is welcome to any and all practitioners of varying paths. Additionally, this space is for those who may be Seekers like me–querying and questing eternally. May our truth be our guide.

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Welcome to the Space

On the surface, this is a multi-topic online Space where I discuss my various spiritual, intellectual and creative pursuits. Underneath, it’s a journey. Common adventures feature naturalistic witchcraft, psychiatric-mental health, being a nurse practitioner, as well as writing and storytelling. Take a gander, take a stroll, lose your Self and find your Soul.

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No magical practice, placebo or otherwise, is meant to substitute for the opinions and dedicated care of a licensed healthcare professional.

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This is a safe space for marginalized communities. We center BIPOC, Queer, Trans and Nonbinary Spectrum, and neurodivergence here.